Chardonnay | Explorer’s Guide

Chardonnay is undoubtedly one of the most popular white wines in the world. This makes sense, because chardonnay comes in many different styles. It is a grape that grows easily around the world, in cold to moderate to warm climates, and it responds well to being aged in oak. So have fun exploring the many different expressions of this grape!


  • White
  • Dry
  • Serve: 7 – 12 °C (serve unoaked wines colder than oaked wines)
  • Keeps in fridge: 2 – 4 days
  • Can be found all over the world


  • Cold climate: citrus, apple, chalk, flint (eg Chablis, Burgundy, France)
  • Moderate climate: melon, peach (eg Cote d’Or, Burgundy, France)
  • Warm climate: pineapple, mango (eg Chile, California)
  • Oaked: butter, vanilla, toast
Chardonnay paired with cheese puffs – yum!

Food pairing

At W IS FOR WINE we love pairing our wine with easy yet delicious food you can recreate at home. In the Explorer’s Guide we focus on snacks/appetizers.

Snacks / Appetizers

  • Brie cheese, almonds, buttery salty popcorn
  • Cheese puffs
  • Bruschetta with apple, caramelized onion and brie

Did you enjoy exploring chardonnay? Why not finish the blog post by having a glass of chardonnay! If you do, be sure to let me know on Instagram with the hashtag #wisforwine.

Love, Anne

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